How Many Days get the products?

Stock are available delivery will be same day. if stock are not available we want some time for delivery.

Your are send by goods(Products) ?

Generally We send it through goods(products) by road transport. If we have a personal arrangement of the customer for the goods(products), we send it in such a way.

How Many Quantity For Customize Products?

Customize Products Depend on your requirement also specification send me detail then we  will replay you with time duration.

How to pay payment?

If  Payment by RTGS Goods(Products) Delivery will be same day. If Payment by Cheque Through the goods(products) Will be sent when cheque is cleared.

Generally What is in stock?

All types of Regular Market stock are available.

What is the Transport facility?

We have a very good company’s transport available. so that we can send goods to any place in India.

Transportation Charges ?

Transpiration charges are taken separately and the buyer will have to give it.

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